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BOOK REVIEW: Running On Empty – Christine Musello And Jonice Webb

Are you a pro at fake smiling, someone who constantly feels left out, can't be assertive, holding the grudges of the past?

Well, many amongst us endure a constant battle with our inner demons, feeling disconnected and lonely all the time with an innate sense that something somewhere is wrong with us.

Sometimes past happenings can penetrate deep into our memories, leaving us stunned to the point of speechlessness.

It's imperative to understand that experiencing intense emotions and being continuously worried is curable. You might struggle at expressing emotions to your spouse, which could be indicating that you're in need of a professional relationship therapist.

Know that childhood emotional neglect can have devastating effects, affecting an individual profoundly even after years of the actual happening.

So, here I am with another review of a famous self-help book 'Running on Empty' – Christine Musello and Jonice Webb, addressing childhood fears that chase us all our lives.

A Quick Insight Into The Book

The book is a beautiful representation of false starts and emotional neglects, helping individuals enduring such situations reclaim a sense of belonging once and for all.

The book was recommended by a close friend who himself experienced emotional neglect and explored where those missing memories fit into our adult lives.

Frankly speaking, the book was more like an online therapy for me with words that hit home, demonstrating how parents can adopt mindful parenting to end the cycle of emotional neglect.

The author makes use of case studies to demonstrate each parenting type and what tweaks could be made to modern parenting to provide emotional management skills.

The author sheds light on the crucial times in a child's development when he fails to receive the affection that he needs from his parents in the nascent phases of his life.

Emotional Neglect Questionnaire

Here's an emotional neglect questionnaire that will help you determine if you are a victim of emotional neglect or not?

Ø Do you feel constantly detached from your friends and family?

Ø Do you find it difficult to seek help?

Ø Do you feel as if you're not living up to your full potential?

Ø Do you just want to zone out?

Ø Do you think you're a socially awkward individual?

Ø Do you get disappointed with yourself?

Ø Are you stuck in toxic self-criticism patterns?

Ø Do you compare yourself to others?

Ø Do you feel a bit wobbly for no apparent reason?

Ø Do you struggle at addressing your emotions?

Ø Do you struggle at claiming yourself?

Ø Do you find it hard to live in the present moment?

Well, if you've ticked any of the above questions, here're a few key points from the book on healing without getting trapped in the blame game.

A Practical Approach Towards Healing

The author takes a strength-based approach towards parenting, promoting a sense of empathy for parents who failed to notice, attend, or respond appropriately to their child's feelings, as such parents might be emotionally neglected themselves. The author's perspective is all about self-compassion.

What does the book have for those who feel disconnected from family, life and who they are?

The book is an ultimate guide for couples therapy or parents to be, so they acknowledge their child's emotional needs. The book is also a good investment for parents and struggling individuals who want to reverse the damage of childhood emotional neglect and keep their child's life from disrupting in untold ways. The author highlights how parents fail to provide emotional support to their child and propose ways to identify and address emotional neglect and its impact on health, work, and relationships.

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