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Counselling is expensive and takes forever

Many people believe that counselling is just extravagant common sense, and that if they start counselling they’ll be attending for years to come. In some cases this is true, but in many others it is not. Some people dip in and out over several years, some feel that 1 - 6 sessions is plenty.


The goal of counselling is to help people effectively manage life’s challenges. Some people only need a few sessions to resolve their concerns, whilst other people may benefit from a few months of intensive support. 

Counselling Myths

Scroll through the myths above, see if you recognise yourself. These are familiar conversations I have out in the 'wild' and of course counselling in Port Talbot isn't for everyone. I would really encourage you though, if you've come this far, to reach out.

What will benefit you if you had counselling in Port Talbot?

See your thoughts from a different perspective - saying things out loud can sometimes allow you to hear things differently, with my support we could consider what else there is to explore based on what you've said.  In some cases, people discover that their worries or anxieties aren’t really founded on any real cause for concern or that what they thought was a very serious issue was, in fact, nothing at all to worry about – this can be a huge relief.

Its cathartic - Similarly, letting things out that you’ve been keeping inside can be a cathartic experience, purging you of pent up emotions, as many people find they are relieved of thoughts or feelings that they’ve been bottling up. Such a release often feels like a weight off the mind and allows people to begin to let go of feelings they’ve been holding on to.

Couples benefit from a neutral party - People in relationships often see very positive benefits from a specific relationship or couples counselling. Problems in relationships can become deeply entrenched if a couple is unable to openly discuss issues and move past them. Taking the time to talk through such issues with a neutral third party means both sides can air their views whilst someone is there to mediate between them and help them both to see arguments from the other’s perspective.


Find it easier to cope in everyday life - Sharing and unloading your emotions through counselling and talking means you can get on with the rest of your life, making it easier to cope. You have some weight off your mind, and you know that should anything come up, you have someone you can talk to about anything you’re worried about. People find that this, knowing you can rely on someone to listen to your problems, frees them of worrying about their problems all the time, meaning they can focus on living their lives again. This often produces a virtuous cycle, as being able to focus on everyday life means people make positive changes in their life, which in turn lifts their mood. 

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