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Gay Couple Counselling Swansea
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Couple Counselling Swansea



I have completed training with the national leading brand in couples therapy and counselling, Relate (T). I work with heterosexual couples, same sex couples, pre-marital couples, elderly couples.

It can be difficult not to feel negative about your relationship when you are experiencing many problems with it.

An important part of couples counselling in Port Talbot is to give each of you the opportunity to share the problems and challenges for you in your relationship.

I will help you look at what dynamics you as a couple may have unwittingly fallen into, which can help take away the sense of blame that is easy to attribute entirely to your partner, so instead, the two of you can form an alliance in working on it.

We will work through new ways to communicate more honestly and openly, encourage and nurture your romance, identify your love languages, make quality time together, and celebrate improvements together.

Couples counselling isn't always about making a marriage or partnership work, sometimes you may need to work through an amicable separation.

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