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Female Patient



As a registered member of the BACP  (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) I follow and adhere to their ethical framework. I’m fully qualified, insured and hold a DBS. 


What is shared between you and a counsellor is completely confidential and will not be talked about outside the session.  I will only need to break confidentiality if you, or someone else connected with you, may be at serious risk of harm - from yourself or other people.  I will talk to  you about the limits of confidentiality in our first session. 


No matter how small or how big your concern is, the fact that something is on your mind means it’s important to you and deserves attention and respect. 


And while some choose to work long term, the number of sessions you have is entirely up to you.  For others even one session can be sufficiently beneficial.

Trust in the process.

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